‘I didn’t know I was dating child killer’

Linda Morton and Ben Curtis
Linda Morton and Ben Curtis

A mum-to-be has spoken of her horror after she discovered the father of her unborn baby was Eastbourne child killer Ben Curtis.

Linda Morton had no idea partner Ben Keith Curtis, 30, was on trial for the manslaughter of his two-year-old daughter Ocean.

She only discovered it when he was jailed in June and by that time she was pregnant with his child.

She spoke to a national newspaper this week at how her baby joy turned to horror and also told the Gazette, “I want nothing to do him at all.

“The man I loved was in jail for killing his baby and I was having his new baby. I am so angry. He shouldn’t have been allowed to have another. It has put me and our baby at risk.”

Linda, 25, met Ben through friends in Eastbourne in January and they began dating.

Curtis told Linda he had to go to court for assault and warned her he could be jailed but she vowed to stand by him.

It was only the day after he was jailed when she saw people they both knew at Mission 25 in Seaside that she found out she had been dating a child killer.

“I have spoken to him on the phone and told him I do not want anything to do with him,” said Linda. “Since the story has come out I have received death threats and have had to move away from Eastbourne.”

Little Ocean was three months old in 2007 when Curtis shook her so violently she had brain damage. In 2009 she died from swine flu — which she would have been able to beat but for her injuries .

In June, Curtis was sentenced to two years for manslaughter.

Betrayed Linda, who is now nearly 12 weeks pregnant, has now vowed to call her tot Jayme Leigh Ocean if it is a girl.