Hundreds turn out for Sovereign Harbour plans

MORE than 500 Sovereign Harbour residents turned out to view options for the provision of community facilities in the area.

The public exhibition was held at Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club and highlighted a number of preferred locations for community facilities, with attendees scoring each site on a questionnaire.

Of the 250 people who completed the questionnaire at the event, 65 per cent said they viewed the plans positively and only 12 per cent negatively.

Planning officers are now undertaking a more detailed analysis of each questionnaire and are expecting the return of many others following the event.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “I’m delighted with the number of people who attended. There was a palpable sense of optimism and shared belief at the exhibition that bodes extremely well for the future.

“My thanks go to everyone involved for their constructive contribution to this process.”

Rick Runalls, chairman of the Sovereign Harbour Residents’ Association, said, “Once again, the residents of Sovereign Harbour have turned out in large numbers to demonstrate their commitment to the future of their community.

“We have no illusions that what will follow will be easy, but this event shows what can be achieved when all of the key stakeholders work together for their common benefit. We look forward to the next stage of the process with greater optimism than we have held for some time.”

Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council Councillor David Tutt said, “While there is still much work to be done, it was clear from my conversations with residents that we are on the right path and everyone shares a common goal to secure the community facilities the harbour needs.”

Conservative Group Leader Councillor David Elkin added, “The exhibition gave local residents the opportunity to have their questions answered and, in most cases, their concerns allayed. I heard a number of really valuable and helpful comments from harbour residents that will undoubtedly help shape the future plans.”

The consultation exercise will run until September 2.