Hundreds of students receive prizes at Bishop Bell School

BISHOP Bell School held its annual awards recently with a record breaking number of prize-winners.

More than 300 students were presented with prizes for their outstanding success at the event where the special guest was Matt Dunkley, the director of children’s services at East Sussex County Council.

He told the audience, “Bishop Bell is a really great school and I can see tonight that it encourages you to aspire to achieve great things.” Bishop Bell’s executive headteacher Terry Boatwright reported on the incredible achievements of the school, which included a track record, he said, of academic success unrivalled by any other school in England and an impressive eleven annual awards for outstanding examination results in just seven years.

Mr Boatwright also referred to Bishop Bell’s work in the local community and its global partnerships which have resulted in the school receiving the prestigious British Council Full International School Award for, in the words of the manager of the award, its “Outstanding and inspirational range of international work,” especially with partnership projects in Seirra Leone and Uganda.

He also congratulated pupils on their success and thanked staff, and parents, for all that they had done to enable the young people to achieve it. He then referred to the school’s motto, “Aiming for Excellence, Believing in Partnership, Caring for Quality” and a quotation from Professor William Du Bois, “Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season.”

Mr Boatwright said, “Professor Du Bois knew the importance of partnership and the value of each individual. However, he also recognised that it is what we do now, today, which has to be the very best that it should be, the highest possible quality. You entrust Bishop Bell School with the lives and future of your children. They pass through this phase of their education but once and it is vital that they receive the highest quality education today, while building together to create the best possible future for the school and the next generation of its pupils. I hope you’re encouraged by this report, but that you also know that, in the words of the apostle Paul, “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me”. I believe that God has a plan for an even better future for this school and its pupils and would assure you that, with His help, we will continue to follow our dreams, aiming for excellence, believing in partnership and caring very much for quality.”

The Year 7 award winners were Elize Charret-Dykes, Hannah Leckie, Rachael Denney, Xiao-Han Ma, Laura Churchyard, Tristan Goodwin, Tanvir Alam, Tegan Inch, Oscar Williams, Rasa Sadoughi, Zachary Ashford, Enoch Quarcoo, Hannah Davis, Kate Young, Jack Chaffin, Georgia Bellett, Connor Adolph, Daniel Hagan, Katy Hannah, Emily Ridgley, Millie Allen, Laura Harverson, Charlotte Robinson, Amy Hilder, Timothy Russell, Reuben Bastable, Imogen Hood, Bethany Beesley, Rhiannon Hooker, Sian Siggins, Georgia Bellett, Stuart Hope, Marcus Sim, Hannah Bevan, Harry Hyatt, Kate Singleton, Joshua Bracken, Ricky Hyde, Nikkita Smith, Tommie-Lee Brown, Naomi Smyth, Ben Browne, Abigail Jervis, Berrie Sparkes, Jasmine Burfield, Jay Kendall, Nicholas Steer, Keara Camacho, Naomi King, Bethany Stevens, Megan Capon, Hannah Kirby, Kyle Stewart, Jack Chaffin, Norbert Kuczma, Hannah Thompson, Jordan Choi, Jordan Kuforiji, Tyler Vale, Laura Churchyard, Hannah Leckie, Eden Venour, Ryan Coates, Sydney Lumley, Clarice Waghorn, Kassie Connelly, Francesca Watts, Tayla de Liefde-Foote, Paige McMurdo, Daniel Webb, Rachel Denney, Charlie Millam, Louis Weeks, Amelia Fenner, Alec Minshull-Glass, Jack Weston, Jonathan Finn, Lucy Noon, Oscar Williams, Imogen Freeborn, Charlotte Parrett Hannah Wright, Rebecca Godding, Victoria Parslow, Claire Yates, Lewis Greenwood, Elliott Powell-Cullingford and Kate Young.

Year 8 prize winners were Lauren Garraway, Jake Kidd, Fraser Argyle, Helen Wood, Alex Colwell, Peter Saunders, Jacob Collins, Emily Walls, Ben Pudsey, Shaymaa Bani, Lewis Hobden, Harriet Tomlin, Bethany Nunn, Samuel Brown, Jack Brown, Candice Quarcoo, Jake Kidd, Emily Wilmoth, Emily Love, Jamie Hollywood, Lucy Jobbins, Shaymaa Bani, Jennifer Kenyon, Melissa Blandford, Daniel King, Eve Chatfield, Zach Lambert, Oliver Chequers, James Langley, Edward Chrusciel, Emily Love, Freya Collins, Ela Moreno, Jacob Collins, Callum Nattress, Alex Colwell, Vicki Norman,

Joshua Cottingham, Jared North, Katherine Curtis, Bethany Nunn, Ben da Silva, Parrie Omar, Olivia Digby-Clarke, Luke Pannett, Hayley Erridge,

James Fallon, Daniel Roberts, David Foot-Batten, Peter Saunders, Jessica Giddins, Reuben Scott, Eleanor Griffiths, Lauren Shadwell, Louise Grooms, Zoe Shapcott, Sophie Hillman, Michael Stretton, Lewis Hobden, Harriet Tomlin, Rebecca Holford, Matthew Tyler, Jamie Hollywood, Serena Wignarajah, Lucy Hyde and Helen Wood.

Year 9 prizes winners were Maria Howell, Mary-Beth Robinson, Charlotte Wells, Adi Cox, Loriann Medhurst, Ashlea Sinden, Rebecca Neumann, Jessica Weston, Adam Tomalin, Megan O’Hara, Harrison Rolls-King, Amy Choi, Harry Spencer, Bethany Jack, Alex Thornhill, Elena Dennis, Meredith Hooker, Adam Tomalin, Adam Bartlett, Alicia Miles, James Bellett, Elinor Miles, Nicole Carter, Methembe Ndlovu, Amy Choi, Katie Neesam, Emma Church, Hannah Nunn, Matthew Churchyard, Mia O’Neill, Daniel Davidson, George Pacey, Eleanor Davies, Karen Polan, Elena Dennis, Michaela Pretorius, Jasmine Down, George Ravey, Tara Elliston, Edward Roberts, Orla Elliston, John Feltham, Joshua Savage, Abigail Freeborn, Matthew Simpson, Lorna Glover, Ashlea Sinden, Bethany Harper, Jasmine Slater, Shannon Harris, Cassie Stewart, Danny Hatcher, Callum Strudwick, Bradley Henderson, Laura Tiramani, Sophie Hook, Kathryn Todd, Meredith Hooker, Adam Tomalin, Maria Howell, Anna Watkins, Megan Watkins, David Joly Charlotte Wells and Claudia Mercer.

Year 10 prize winners were Matthew Hodgson, Shanice Dolan, Katrina Agrela-Millam, Jessica Cottington, Lydia Crossey, Amy Ticehurst, Amy Hobbs-Boyd, Benjamin Horan, Luke Brett, Ellie Carden, Sophie Tingley, Luke Brett, David Wexler, Hayden McCue, Sebastian Vine, Edan Shelley, Jessica Storrie, Sophie Whittlesey, Nathan Watson, Daniel Wootton, Jamie Howard, David Wexler, Katie Weston, Bethany Bevan, Daniel Palmer,

Hannah Ayling, Matthew Pannett, Hannah Bishop, Max Perkins, Ellie Carden, Jake Roberts, Lydia Crossey, Elliot Rogers, Gita Deb, Jessica Scott, Rita Deb, Edan Shelley, Thomas Fallon, Joseph Sherriff, Sophie Fuller, Delaine Shishimai, Benjamin Horan, Glenn Siggins, Jamie Howard, Jasmine Standley, Megan Hulse, Jessica Storrie, Esther Hyde, Amy Ticehurst, Rebecca King, Sebastian Vine, Danielle Lewis, Nathan Watson, Jacob Marsh Katie Weston, Eloise Maslin, David Wexler, Hannah McGowan, Natasha Woods, Luke McWilton, Daniel Wootton and Katy Osborne.

Year 11 prize winners were Francesca Tattersall, Nadia Alam, Naomi Nunn, Leah Jensen, Samantha Steer, Katie Dobson, Louise Bull, Jade Lea, Jonathon Upton, Verity Elliston, Nadia Alam, Heidi Harlow, Esther Roberts, Kaiya Swain, Jordan Addison, Nadia Alam, Luke Parker, Naomi Nunn, Callum Glover, Liam Morgan, Emily Hartingdon, Nadia Alam, Verity Elliston, Peter Osborn, Jaegar Devile, Samuel Capon, Shenton Morgan, Jessica Thorley, Paige Attwood, Katherine Baker, Madeleine Brodie, Curtis Gosling, Sarah Baker, Leah Jensen, Hannah Bright, Leah Johnston, Samuel Capon, Parisa Kamyar, Hannah Castle, Christopher Knight, Ben Chaffin, Jade Lea, Matthew Collett, Jade Marshall, Jake Cornford, Holly McLean,

Gracie da Silva, Naomi Nunn, Hayden Deeprose, Harry Palmer, Verity Elliston, Joseph Parker, Leanne Eyres, Caitlin Pickett, Amy Farre, Matthew Pinyoun, Christian Fielding, Carmelita Quarcoo, Matthew Foot-Batten, Esther Roberts, Hannah Fry, Francesca Savage, Callum Glover, Samantha Steer, Emily Hartingdon, Sophie Stretton, Holly Hood, Jotham Watson and Grace Jack.