Hundreds enjoy Eastbourne’s first ever vegan festival with Heather Mills

Hundreds flocked to Eastbourne for the town’s first ever vegan festival on Friday (January 25).

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 8:37 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:32 pm
Heather Mills at Eastbourne Vegan Festival SUS-190129-092359001

There were all manner of cruelty-free goodies on offer – from Turkish delight to pastries, pizzas, make-up and slogan t-shirts – at the packed event which took place at East Sussex College.

Heather Mills gave a talk about veganism and her cruelty-free business, VBites. 

Speaking to the Herald afterwards, she said, “It’s gone really well here. I’m very excited to be here. I’ve done a speech, some interviews, ran around all the stands.

Heather Mills at Eastbourne Vegan Festival SUS-190129-092409001

“Met some incredible like-minded people trying to do products that the public would love.

“There’s some great chocolates, some very innovative products. It’s gone very well, been very popular.”

When asked why she thinks people should choose a vegan lifestyle, she said, “People should educate themselves about what’s better for them, the animals, and the planet.

“Because they’ll just feel better. Healther. And there’ll be less ailments, less pressure on the NHS. Less cruelty to the animals, the environment and everything.

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“But you can only do that with a solution, and that is healthy plant-based foods in the end. But in the interim period finding healthier products than what you currently eat.

“So parallel cooking. Instead of cooking fish, you have vegan fish. Instead of meat, you have vegan meat. Instead of dairy, you have vegan dairy.

“Then once you realise, VBites for example our company we’re in the Green King Pubs, it’s not that boring. I can still go to the pub and enjoy myself.

“So it’s changed in the last 25 years, I used to go out and all I ever got was a salad, which is extremely boring all the time.

Goods on offer at Eastbourne Vegan Festival SUS-190129-093213001

“It’s not that you should just have fast food every day but you should be able to have the option in a restaurant like everybody else to have something that is animal-friendly and better for you and basically as long as it tastes delicious, why not?”

Organiser Rob Stevens, of Sussex Vegan, said, “We’ve had so many incredible exhibitors, it’s just been an amazing event.

“The atmosphere has been incredible, with everyone just bustling and learning about new ideas and an alternative way of life.”

Rebecca Conroy, principal at the college, said, “We’ve welcomed stall-holders from up and down the country but a lot of local people have come in and shown us all their amazing vegan goods and it’s just been fantastic – and our students have loved it.”

Rob Stevens, of Sussex Vegan, at Eastbourne Vegan Festival SUS-190129-093142001

The event was organised by Sussex Vegan and East Sussex College and sponsored by VegFund.

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