Huge mystery sea creature washed up at Pevensey has been identified

The carcass on a Pevensey beach. Photo by Jez Asfour
The carcass on a Pevensey beach. Photo by Jez Asfour

Experts say they have identified the mysterious sea creature which washed up on a Pevensey beach.

The 40ft remains were spotted this morning (Friday, October 7) at Normans Bay by Jez Asfour while out walking his dog.

Stephen Marsh, Operations Manager at British Divers Marine Rescue, said from examining the pictures it appears to be a Baleen Whale, a category of the mammals that includes Humpback and Blue Whales.

He estimated that it has been dead for a few weeks, and observed that there seemed to be some rope on the carcass, so it could have died from becoming entangled.

He also warned members of the public not to let their dogs go near the remains.

Mr Marsh said, “Do not allow dogs to look at or chew the carcass. Whales can carry diseases that jump species. Take you dog to the vets if it does.”

Waste management officials are currently on site but are awaiting instructions from the authorities.

Photograph by Jez Asfour.