How to get the most from an MP

WANT to play the system and come up trumps? Well a former researcher to Nigel Waterson has released a book which might help you do just that.

Scott Colvin, former pupil at Willingdon Community School, has manipulated the chief executive of an energy company to intervene on his behalf, used politicians to save the post office in his town and even managed to get a wheel clamper to remove a clamp free of charge.

His book How to Use Politicians to Get What You Want, which was released last month, gives advice on how to get the most out of MPs and corporations.

Mr Colvin said, “Assistance from national and local politicians needs to be better harnessed to ensure that companies and public sector bodies provide better customer service. This book tells you how to get the most out of politicians and corporations.

“It could save you money, and could even save you time. But I also hope it goes a small way to help change the system.”

Mr Colvin also served as an advisor at the conservative party headquarters.