How could someone be so cruel to my dog?

Phoebe resting after her ordeal
Phoebe resting after her ordeal

A DOG owner whose pet had an elastic band put round her neck this week is warning others.

Brigitte Sumner, who lives in Meads, noticed her dog Phoebe was having difficulty breathing and swallowing her food.

The wound caused by elastic band

The wound caused by elastic band

Brigitte says she thought 14-year-old Phoebe was suffering from the effects of old age but then found an elastic band around her pet’s neck.

She said, “It was embedded deeply around her neck and we thought it was a piece of string at first.

“It had made a cut around her neck and as soon as we took it away she started to get better.”

Brigitte said her pet had been off her food but started to eat once the elastic band was taken away. She also stopped wheezing and was less breathless.

They think the dog may have had the elastic band put round her neck while she was out of the sight of her owners while on a walk.

Brigitte said it was possible Phoebe could have been round a corner or behind a wall.

“We took the elastic band away ourselves and she is now recovering but it has left an open wound,” said Brigitte.

“There was us thinking she was getting old but it wasn’t that at all.”

Brigitte now wants to warn other dog owner that there are cruel people in Eastbourne who want to cause harm to animals.

She said, “It was a truly horrible thing to discover and I want to make sure no other dogs befall the same fate.

“I am worried about other dogs in the area and want to make people aware.”

Phoebe is recovering from the ordeal and is now eating and breathing well.

She still has a wound on her neck but Brigitte hopes it will heal well with no lasting damage.