Hotel guests left without heating or hot water

Lansdowne Hotel Eastbourne SUS-150114-124947001
Lansdowne Hotel Eastbourne SUS-150114-124947001

A seafront hotel left guests without heating or hot water in the middle of winter.

The Best Western Lansdowne Hotel had a gas leak on December 29, which left its guests cold and unable to have a hot bath or shower.

Ray Ferris, from Berkshire, booked in to stay at the hotel on King Edward Parade with his wife Fiona for one night at a cost of £70, plus £7 for their pet dog.

Mr and Mrs Ferris were planning on celebrating his 66th birthday but he told the Herald they were in no mood for celebrating when they checked in to their cold room.

He said, “We were looking forward to a one-night break in Eastbourne but it turned out to be a nightmare.

“Eastbourne is a one and a half hour drive from our home and if I had known there was not going to be any heating or hot water I would have turned around and gone home again.”

Mr Ferris explained he and his wife were planning a meal out but didn’t go after they discovered there was no hot water.

He said, “My wife likes to get ready and get dolled up before an evening out.

“She wanted to have a nice hot bath, relax and get ready but she wasn’t able to do that.

“We just took the dog for a walk and then went back to the room.

“It was freezing in there overnight. Luckily we had our little dog cuddled up to us to keep us warm.

“You feel the cold more as you get older. It was bad enough for us but I dread to think what would have happened to a very elderly person.”

Mr Ferris, who was not immediately offered a refund by the hotel, describes himself as ‘easy-going’ but said he was angry staff didn’t tell him and his wife about the problem before they checked in.

He said, “They just made out everything was hunky dory when we checked in at reception and they knew there was a problem. It’s dishonest.”

Edward Lewis, proprietor of the Lansdowne, and Craig Nicol, general manager, issued a statement which said, “There was indeed a gas leak beyond our control which affected half the hotel.

“All guests should have been moved to the unaffected part of the hotel and we sincerely apologise to any guests that were not relocated.

“Refunds and apologies have been given directly to any customers affected and a review of our disaster management procedures are taking place.”