Hostage Terry falls foul of town’s parking wardens

Terry Waite
Terry Waite

Former Beirut hostage Terry Waite says he will think twice about returning to Eastbourne after landing a parking ticket during a recent visit and losing his appeal.

Mr Waite, who parked his car outside the Lansdowne Hotel at 5pm before giving a talk to members of the Ashridge Circle, was given a ticket as the bay had been suspended for road works to be undertaken but that hotels in the area had not been informed of the work.

Mr Waite said, “I duly appealed and received a reply saying that there was a notice of suspension on a lamp post and that they had taken every effort to inform businesses in the area.

“My appeal was refused. I assume the ‘every effort’ consisted of fixing a notice to the post.

“I consider the warning given was totally inadequate and I will certainly think twice before returning to Eastbourne.

“The welcome I received at the theatre was warm and generous but the attitude of the authorities could not have been more bureaucratic. Residents have my sympathy.”