Hospice best for end-of-life care

ST WILFRID’S Hospice says a recent survey perfectly illustrates exactly why the charity needs to double its capacity.

Earlier this month the Department of Health published its National Bereavement Survey for 2011 which asked people about the quality of care provided for their loved ones during the last three months of their life.

And it showed the majority felt the best care and support was provided by the country’s network of hospices.

The care at places like St Wilfrid’s was rated as excellent or good by 92 per cent of people while relatives said being hospices also ranked highest in terms of provided dignity and respect at all times.

Kara Bishop, the chief executive of St Wilfrid’s, says the research shows how valued hospices are and suggests that demand on their services is likely to increase drastically in the future as more and more families try and make sure their loved ones enjoy the best possible end-of-life care.

She said, “These findings reaffirm the vital role hospices play in providing the best possible care for people at the end of life and their friends and families.

“As the survey shows, hospice staff lead the way in making sure patients and their families are cared for with utmost dignity and respect – a premise at the centre of hospice care.

“There are though still too many people who are not receiving care which is tailored to their individual needs and this has to change.

“Our vision is to transform end of life care for every person in our community by not only expanding our services but also by working in collaboration with other partners in the care system, from the hospital to care homes.

“The findings in this survey are reflected in the hundreds of thank you letters, gifts and legacies we receive each year.”

Work is continuing on the new St Wilfrid’s building on Kings Drive which will double the number of residents the charity can accommodate at any one time as well as vastly increasing the number of out patients it can support.

For more information on the hospice, visit www.stwhospice.org.