Hope springs from tree

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The people of St Luke’s have created a tree for prayers, hopes and personal messages in their church garden.

The church in Stone Cross is inviting neighbours and any passers-by to write on the ribbon and tie it to the tree.

Jan Say from the church said, “This is an idea which has come from the ancient practice of tying small pieces of cloth to a tree outside a church and asking God for healing.

“It is also a powerful way to support someone through illness or any particularly difficult time - or simply to say thank you for blessings received.”

Ribbons and pen are kept in the waterproof bird box next to the tree, and more can be found on a small table just inside the entrance to the church itself.

Jan added, “The idea is that once they have been tied on securely, the ribbons stay before God night and day, come rain or snow, carrying those prayers, hopes and thank yous.”

Members of the congregation hope the tree will become filled with colourful ribbons as Christmas approaches.