Home design catches eye of the planners

PLANS to build a two-storey home in Seaford with an ‘eye-catching design’ have been given the go ahead, despite objections from neighbours.

The proposals, which include demolishing a bungalow and detached garage and creating a three-bedroom house in its place, have been opposed by some residents.

They feel the design was out of keeping with the area and an overdevelopment.

However, members of Lewes District Council’s Planning Application Committee found in favour of the proposals, stating they liked the design, with one saying it could become a landmark.

At the meeting held last Wednesday the committee heard how the street predominantly has houses in it and that the bungalow in question has a bungalow on one side of it.

Neil Smith, who lives in Grosvenor Road at the rear of the proposed building, said, “It’s wildly out of keeping with the area.

“This development truly belongs elsewhere in a development with similar properties.

“With 18 letters of objection I think it’s overwhelmingly clear that the majority of residents are against this proposal.”

Architect Jim Richardson said the design pushed the boundaries but it had been very carefully thought out.

He added, “We felt a contemporary house was appropriate because in seaside towns architecture is prevalent, always forward thinking with design terms.

“I think it’s an exciting design which will sit back and be an attractive addition.”

Anthea Giles, the wife of applicant Paul, also spoke at the meeting and said the last thing they wanted to do was upset people but felt it would be an interesting addition.

Opening the debate Councillor Bob Allen said, “It’s interesting that one of the reasons for objecting to this proposal is that it’s out of character.

“I would have thought that the bungalows already there and the one next door is out of character with the majority of dwellings in the road which are predominantly two storey houses.

“It’s refreshing that we should have some 21st Century architecture in Seaford rather than a pastiche of Edwardian and Victorian buildings.”

Councillor Tom Jones added, “History is only created through change and innovation.

It doesn’t stands still and the same applies to buildings.

“I liked it from the moment I saw the plans.

“I believe it could become a landmark. It’s clean cut and original.”

Councillor Sam Adeniji said that he felt the building complemented the street, while Councillor Peter Gardiner said he thought it was an excellent design.

The committee agreed to grant planning permission subject to conditions and agreed an additional condition regarding the landscape.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Giles said, “Anthea and I were delighted with the outcome of the planning meeting and the enthusiastic comments from some of the committee members.

“We are now greatly looking forward to becoming new Seaford residents and hoping to settle in amicably with our new neighbours in Salisbury Road.”