Henpecked Mike is Britain’s most under the thumb

Mike Jeffries, under the thumb from Eastbourne.
Mike Jeffries, under the thumb from Eastbourne.

ANYONE who felt pressured into buying a last minute bunch of roses for their loved one this Valentine’s Day should spare a thought for the Eastbourne man who was this week named Britain’s Most Under the Thumb Bloke.

Mike Jeffries was set up by his good pal Andy Pottinger, who nominated him for the award which was organised by lads mag Zoo and Brighton-based firm The Stag Company.

A six-week hunt for the most henpecked man in the UK resulted in Mike beating thousands of other entries to land the dubious title – with organisers saying that, once they read about his plight, the result was never in doubt.

On the tongue-in-cheek nomination form, Mike’s friend revealed the catalogue of under-the-thumbery included having to always sit down on the toilet when having a wee, so his other half did not have to put the seat down later – with regular spot checks carried out while he in the middle of relieving himself – and not being able to go out the night before a big night out so he wouldn’t miss the couple’s ‘last night together’.

As well as telling him what to do, Mike’s missus apparently also tells him what to wear – with Mike forced to don welly-style leather boots, just because Arg from reality TV show The Only Way is Essex owns a pair.

Mike was shocked to hear of his nomination and told the Herald, “My initial reaction was to kill Andy,” before conceding,“but I’d have to say the majority of what he said is pretty fair.”

It isn’t all bad though. As part of his prize Mike and five friends will be treated to a weekend away in Newcastle, complete with a trip to a strip club and a casino.

Despite the usually strict regime, Mike revealed he would be allowed to go. “She has calmed down a bit now and I am allowed to go. I think the fact she is being sent to a spa for the weekend helped.”

And he proved that romance – forced or not – is far from dead. “I proposed to her up the Eiffel Tower,” he revealed. “I had the ring all ready but was thinking of backing out and doing it another time but then a man nearby proposed to his girlfriend and my other half gave me a look, so I did it there and then.

“I don’t regret it for a minute. Joking aside it is definitely worth putting up with everything.

“She really is great. She takes me for who I am and is my best friend as well.”

Ah, the best friend. It seems, according to Mike, that the wrong person might have won the award. “I have a few friends in line to go to Newcastle but I am not sure if Andy will be coming.

“When the Zoo team came down to do a photoshoot we all stayed out until about 1am but he went home at 9pm and we have not seen him since.”