Helping overseas students adapt to Eastbourne

EALS group
EALS group

SUSSEX Downs College has launched a new programme to help foreign students to acclimatise to life on the Sunshine Coast.

The Opt In+ programme has welcomed its first International group of year 11 students from local schools who had recently moved to the UK some as recently as a few months ago.

The aim was to introduce them to the transition of attending college so that the progression was not disjointed and overwhelming.

Sarah Davies from Opt in+ said, “The group really flourished on their Opt-in+ programme most noticeably in their confidence and speaking and listening skills. They all really enjoyed the opportunity to make friends and get to know the college campus.

“They also had the opportunity to enjoy events such as the Olympic Torch Relay increasing their community involvement as many of the students felt quite isolated in the wider community.” The programme is funded by the European Social Fund, which aims to develop skills.