ARE YOU a budding Jo Whiley or even Terry Wogan? Then one local businessman needs your help.

Nick Mallinson has come up with the idea of a community radio station in Seaford.

Nick, the joint owner of Sussex Internet, thought up the the idea of a radio station covering Seaford and Newhaven as a way of promoting local businesses and the area in general.

Nick said the radio station, which he hopes to base in Seaford, would be run by local people and they would aim to have the station frequency on road signs so tourists could tune in as they drove through the town.

Town clerk Len Fisher said he has formally approached East Sussex County Council about this idea.

Nick said, "In my teenage years I was on a local pirate radio station in South London before I went and got a proper job.

"I have a customer whose business is radio and he told me the equipment to do what I did in my youth — but legally — is not that expensive.

"I am a member of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Newhaven Chamber.

"I said to people this is an idea that we can do.

"I can't see us sustaining this for money it would really be how it could benefit business and the local community."

There is now a group of local business people involved in setting up the project and they have received help from Bob Evans, who has done work for Radio Kent amongst other media projects.

Nick said he is hoping to get local youngsters involved.

He said, "There must be lots of media students at Tideway and Seaford Head Community College who would relish getting their hands on some air time and playing their kind of music."

Nick said he hopes to work with local schools and said this is probably the key to making the station popular.

He said, "This has to be popular for it to work — we need people to listen.

"If we got youngsters involved, say giving them a show on a Saturday night, then their classmates and friends and lots of young people in the town would tune in."

Nick is on the lookout for anyone in the local community who could help, especially if they have somewhere the station could broadcast from.

He needs technical experts, people wanting to have their own show, clubs and societies, and anyone with any ideas.

Anyone who is interested in taking part should visit which Nick is updating all the time.