Help Uni student to remain mobile

Connor SUS-170609-102739001
Connor SUS-170609-102739001

Connor Adolph, an 18 year old Eastbourne student with spastic cerebral palsy, is appealing to local people to help him to get a life-changing wheelchair.

Connor is off to Warwick University after gaining two A*’s and an A at A levels.

He said: Having been all I’ve known, living with a disability revolves largely around focusing on the positives, and throughout my life I’ve always strived for independence and my dreams. I learnt to drive five days after I was old enough and got myself a job at my local Tesco’s to be able to support myself financially.”

Connor needs to raise £7,000 for a Nino Balance wheelchair, which is ultra-light and uses self-balancing technology.

Connor said: “I had the privilege of trying something similar at my local park for an hour with Nick Webborn, the chair of the British Paralympic Association, and I can safely say that I have never felt such freedom, especially after trying the Nino itself at my home. It’s difficult to convey the struggles of life with a disability.

“It feels wrong to ask for the help of others in this, especially as focus in my life has always been on independence, but I just can’t get this alone.

“My story isn’t unique or deserving of pity, I simply can’t raise the funds on my own to buy one of these, and all government run services have turned me away.

“I’m hoping to raise the money for a Nino in order to allow me freedom and independence in my life, which I can then use at university to achieve what I want to.”

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