Help shape water services of future

SOUTH East Water is encouraging its customers to play a part in helping shape future water plans and bills.

It has just released a survey, issuing around 80,000 questionnaires direct to customers, while also placing the same questionnaire on its website for people to fill in online.

The water firm is asking 10 key questions, including what aspects of their drinking water supply customers value most, and what is the best way to ensure their views are taken into account when future water bills are set by the independent regulator, Ofwat.

It also wants to know how customers rank, in order of importance, the range of options which can help manage future water supplies – whether that means South East Water needs to do more on water efficiency and tackling leakage, or if it should develop new sources of water.

David Hinton, head of assets and economic regulation, said, “Our regular surveys help put customers centre stage when it comes to our decision-making processes, and how that impacts on our future investment plans and water bills, as well as influencing how we run our day-to-day activities.

“While some of our plans are some years from being finalised, we want to build up a complete, customer-focussed picture over a period of time, and this survey and others like it help us do just that.

“We know customers have busy lives but spending a couple of minutes filling in our survey means they are having a vital say in shaping the future of the water supply service they receive, and at cost which they will find acceptable.”

The online version of the customer survey can be found at