Help me find little Pepsi the Chihuahua

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The owner of a missing dog from Hailsham says she fears her pedigree Chihuahua may have been stolen and is making a desperate plea to anyone who may have seen their pet.

Little Pepsi, a two-and-a-half-year-old toy Chihuahua, went missing on Sunday afternoon (October 14).

Louise Saint returned home from shopping in the town at around 3pm and found the family dog was missing from their home in Swan Road.

She said, “My teenage children were in and out and I just went in to town.

“ Pepsi could have come down the side alley in to the front garden.

“The neighbours said they saw her hanging about at the front of the house and then a man and a woman came and picked her up.

“Some of the children said they saw the man and woman knock on the door but we don’t know what happened after that.”

Louise explained Pepsi is a pedigree toy Chihuahua and she is concerned her pet may have been stolen and sold on.

She said, “She is chipped but she didn’t have a collar on because we take it off when she is indoors.”

Louise and the rest of the family are desperate for Pepsi to return home.

Louise said, “I would like to tell those people who knocked on the door that it was the correct house and please come back.

“She is a very small and vulnerable little dog. We miss her terribly and she will be missing us too.”

Louise and her family have been door to door asking their neighbours for information and they have put up posters in the local area.

The family is asking anyone with information to call 07415098498 or visit 44 Swan Road in Hailsham.