Help Drusillas to name this little monkey

Can you think of a name for this little monkey?
Can you think of a name for this little monkey?

ZOOKEEPERS at Drusillas in Alfriston are asking for help to name one of their recent arrivals.

The Sulawesi black crested macaque was born on October 25 and is doing well under the guidance of proud parents Kendari and Moteck.

The mini monkey, thought to be male, is proving very popular with staff and visitors alike.

Even his cousin Kamala who was born at the zoo last year, has barely left his side since his arrival.

Black crested macaques are native to the island of Sulawesi where they are now regarded as critically endangered.

The family at Drusillas are part of a European Breeding Programme created to protect the survival of this species in the future.

The shortlist put forward by the zoo team are all places in Indonesia and include Tomini, Abuki, Tambo and Maluku.

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