Hellingly and Horsebridge residents warned of property flooding

Flooding in Hellingly last year (January 2014)
Flooding in Hellingly last year (January 2014)

The Environment Agency has warned residents in Hellingly and Horsebridge to prepare for ‘expected property flooding’.

The warning was issued by the Environment Agency this morning (January 15).

And a flood alert remains in place for the area around the Cuckmere River.

The Environment Agency issued the warning at 7am, and said, “Rainfall overnight on an already saturated catchment has caused the Cuckmere river to respond rapidly and flooding to some property and infrastructure is now expected.

“Those locations most at risk are Hellingly on the Bull River, specifically Grovebridge and Mill Lane.

“The weather will remain unsettled for the next few days with further showery conditions likely and this may have a further impact on the river.

“Based on current conditions and likely rise in water levels residents should take action now to prepare for expected property flooding.”

It added, “River levels are expected to rise through Thursday through Grovebridge, Mill Lane and Station Road, Hellingly and nearer lunchtime rise through Alfriston as well. Flood warnings may be issued through Thursday but residents should take action now to prepare for possible property flooding.”

Visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk for the latest updates and more information on how to prepare for flooding.