Helen’s in no hurry to sell baby tortoises

Helen Burton with her two leopard tortoises
Helen Burton with her two leopard tortoises
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LEOPARD print might be back in fashion but one Eastbourne pet-seller will not see her merchandise fly off the shelves.

Helen Burton, who runs a small pet shop from her home, has bred two Leopard Tortoises but she is in no hurry to see them go.

While she plans to sell one of the creatures, which can live for up to 100 years, her reasons for breeding tortoises are not altogether commercial.

She said, “I sell them nationally but it stems from love. They are amazing animals and a lot of them are being shipped in from abroad.

“Some are taken from the wild and arrive in very poor condition. So I decided to sell just British. It’s unnecessary to bring them in from abroad where they are mass-produced.”

Mrs Burton will keep one of the tortoises.

She said, “It’s the kind of pet you can pass on to your children. My daughter knows if she gets nothing else from me she’ll get a lot of tortoises.”