Heartbroken mum’s tribute to son Jordan

Jordan Flynn SUS-150902-132435001
Jordan Flynn SUS-150902-132435001

The mother of 19-year-old Eastbourne student Jordan Flynn who died suddenly from a heart condition has paid tribute to her son.

Angie Flynn, who lives in Birmingham, told the Gazette Jordan had told her he was feeling unwell just a few days before his death.

The first year University of Brighton student went to see his GP but was told he had a virus and needed to rest. The doctor told him to take paracetamol, but just days later he was taken to hospital where he passed away from a huge inflammation of the heart.

His heartbroken mother told the Gazette, “He was mature for his years and just so perfect.

“I thought he was perfect because I was his mum but I have been completely overwhelmed by all the comments on Facebook from all the other people who loved him.

“He didn’t realise. He had no idea just how much everyone loved him.

“We have had so many people say Jordan helped them through a difficult time. He would drop everything for his friends if and when they needed him.”

Ms Flynn also shared the story of Jordan’s short and tragic illness.

She said, “He had been ill for a couple of days and he was talking to me on the phone telling me he had low energy, fatigue and was unable to move.

“He also kept passing out so I was worried because his uni friends had all gone home and he was on his own there.”

Ms Flynn started to make efforts to arrange travel to Eastbourne with Jordan’s two-year-old sister, Maryam, but called the university to have someone check on her son. It was then that he was advised to see the doctor.

Despite being told by the GP he had a viral infection, his mum was still worried and encouraged Jordan to call NHS 111 for advice. Based on the information he gave over the phone, paramedics were called and he was admitted to Eastbourne DGH.

Ms Flynn said, “I spoke to the man and he said his blood pressure was in his boots and his temperature was sky high.”

The concerned mum still believed her son had a chest infection and that medics were running tests, but when she called the hospital and was put through to the coronary care unit at Eastbourne DGH she knew things were more serious.

Ms Flynn, with the help of her friends and family, made her way to Eastbourne and sat by her son’s bed side for his final days.

She said, “I sat with him the entire time and he was very, very breathless and very, very restless.”

She told the Gazette she didn’t notice a deterioration but that a nurse came to carry out checks and then called a consultant.

“They closed down the whole ward just to try and save Jordan and they were all rooting for him. All the staff worked so, so hard to save him.”

Jordan was then transferred to Harefield in London where he sadly passed away on Tuesday, just one week after his 19th birthday.

Ms Flynn says she wishes Jordan was admitted to hospital earlier and transferred to the specialist unit while he still had some strength. Despite this, she has thanked the DGH staff for their efforts.

She added, “He was so, so brave.”