Hearing aid information day event

Eastbourne-based Hearing Link says that many people are blissfully unaware of the technology around which can enhance the quality of their lives.

Now, working in tandem with Age Concern Eastbourne, they are organising an information and assistance day on hearing aids and loops on February 8 at the William and Patricia Venton Centre.

Rhiannon Barker from Hearing Link said, “Many people who use hearing aids are unaware of the T-setting that can be activated on their hearing aids. It can be enormously helpful and is available on most digital and analogue aids.

“When you have the T-setting function, you can benefit from hearing loops where they are available in public and commercial buildings and venues, and you can also use them in your own home to make it easier to hear and enjoy the television, music systems, the telephone and other devices.

“At Hearing Link, we are encouraging hearing loops to become more widely available in public places.”

The seminar is being supported by the audiology department at Park Primary Care Centre.

The event will provide hearing aid wearers with important information about hearing loops, the benefits of them, and how poor experiences can be improved.

It will also offer people the chance to have the T-setting on their hearing aids activated.

AGE Concern Eastbourne has recently worked with Hearing Link and Contact to improve the hearing loop system in its premises at the William & Patricia Venton Centre.

This means that regular events, such as their monthly film club, will be more accessible. Those who have a cochlear implant with a T-setting will also benefit.

Hearing aid and cochlear implant users will be able to test the benefit of a good hearing loop system at Age Concern Eastbourne’s next film event on February 22 (1.30pm). Those aged 50 plus are welcome to attend. See www.ageconcerneastbourne.co.uk or call 01324 638474.