Widow’s plea for more organ donors

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A WIDOW wants more people to sign up as an organ donor after her late husband helped four people after his death.

Karen Taylor contacted the Herald after reading our recent feature on the organ register and the agonising wait people often have to endure while doctors search for a suitable donor.

She lost her partner David on March 28 this year after he suffered a sudden aneurysm. The 48-year-old personal trainer was a regular runner, had previously cycled 100 miles from Winchester to his hometown of Eastbourne for charity and had been due to compete in this year’s Brighton Marathon before his tragic death.

But, while there is nothing she can do to bring her loved one back, Mrs Taylor says she found some solace in the fact his death helped other people and says more of us should register as donors.

Speaking to the Herald, Mrs Taylor said, “Dave (pictured) absolutely loved life and had carried a donor card for years. I think everyone should be more aware as to what being a donor means – how it can help and improve lives.

“I was totally unaware as to what to expect but the dignity and compassion that myself and the family received must be hugely commended. The specialist nurses explained everything very gently and slowly and at no time did I feel pressurised or that I might make a wrong decision.

“Very shortly afterwards I received a letter from the transplant team detailing how some of Dave’s organs had already benefitted the lives of four people. Carefully worded and placed in a separate sealed envelope, it explained the recipients’ age and condition and how long they had been waiting for this chance to improve the quality of their lives.”

Mrs Taylor is full of praise for Jackie Shaba, who helped her through the organ donation process, and the intensive care team at the DGH.

Now she hopes to repay that help by encouraging others to consider carrying a donor card.

“Organ donation is a very special gift from a life that ends to one that can be given a chance to carry on,” she said, “and as painful as it is, we draw comfort from the fact that Dave was able to help others and lives on in other people.”

For information on how to join, call 03001 232323 or ask your GP. Alternatively, text SAVE to 84118 or visit www.organdonation.nhs.uk.