We’ll fight this all the way - MP

THE fight to save the DGH from the threat of downgrading will be taken all the way to Government.

The plans are by no means set in stone and any decision will wait until after public consultation.

But Eastbourne MP Mr Stephen Lloyd Lloyd is determined to re-start the previously successful Save The DGH campaign group as well as lobbying colleagues in the Coalition.

Mr Lloyd said, “I appreciate there are serious financial considerations for the trust but the sheer depth and breadth of the proposed closures and downgrades of our core services are totally unacceptable.

“I will raise these issues with the health minister, and am prepared to fight the plans wholeheartedly.

“Meanwhile, I ask the town to rally around again. Our strength has been our unity of. We must join once again to fight for the future of our hospital.”

Early protest plans include a seafront march similar to the one which attracting thousands back in 2008 and a potential human ring round the hospital at the next board meeting.