Ward wins Hand Hygiene Cup as standards rise

THE medical assessment unit (MAU) at the DGH is the latest winner of the hospital’s Hand Hygiene Cup.

Management decided to give the prize to staff on the MAU in recognition of the ward’s recent improvement in infection control.

MAU is a short-stay department which assesses patients to avoid unnecessary longer-term hospital admissions and the infection control nurses for the unit, Fiona Melling and Amanda Brun, have been particularly pro-active in make sure high standards of are maintained by staff at all times.

Silvia Gladstone, an infection control nurse, said, “Since Fiona and Amanda have taken on the role their infection control display board has always has been up-to-date and each month they tackle a different infection control topic, which includes teaching all members of staff on the unit.

“Well done to all members of staff on MAU and keep up the good work.”