Town backing Shake the Salt Habit campaign

TAKE-AWAY businesses and restaurants in Eastbourne are helping people to cut their salt intake by taking part in a new Shake the Salt Habit campaign.

So far, a dozen shops have swapped their regular 18-hole salt shaker for a five-hole pot and in some shops, regular salt has also been replaced with low-sodium salt.

The campaign could potentially help 4,500 customers a week reduce their salt intake.

The idea behind the project is that customers can still enjoy a few shakes of salt on their food without having too much which could lead to health problems.

In fact, using the new pots could reduce the amount of salt added by up to 50 per cent without the customer even noticing.

Health experts warn that too much salt is bad for your heart, can raise your blood pressure and damage your body.

Adults should eat no more than 6g a day – about one teaspoon.

Customers are being encouraged to get involved and let the council know what they think of the campaign by posting their comments on the council’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Details of the campaign and a list of those shops taking part can be found at

Eastbourne Borough Council Cabinet Member for the Environment Councillor Steve Wallis said, “It’s a simple idea: it’s cheap and will save businesses cash as well.

“Eastbourne is a seaside town and visitors come from all over the world to holiday here.

“Having fish and chips, with a little salt and vinegar on the seafront is part of the experience that we want people to continue enjoying, at the same time as helping people to be healthier by reducing their salt intake.”

The campaign is being rolled out by the Council’s Environmental Health team, and is being funded by National Health Service East Sussex Downs and Weald.