Sober up as youngsters are warned about festive excess

YOUNG people are being warned about the dangers of alcohol and what it can do to their judgement in the run up to the festive period.

In a joint initiative between East Sussex County Council and health services in the county, a campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol and possible teenage pregnancy.

The county’s health commissioning manager for young people, Trudy Mills, said the campaign follows consultation with young people about what information they want, and how they want to access it.

She said, “This campaign is not about ruining anyone’s fun and enjoyment of the festive season.

“But it is about making sure young people realise how drinking too much can lead to them doing things they later regret.

“Alcohol can make you feel more confident but it also affects how you act.

“When you’re drunk, it’s more difficult to think clearly and you could take risks that you usually wouldn’t – like having unprotected sex.”

Trudy said the other key aim of the campaign, which builds on previous campaigns, is to ensure young people understand the importance of contraception.

A series of posters, leaflets and small information cards have been produced and will be distributed around secondary schools before the Christmas break.

Young people have also helped make a music video We Have a Baby which will also been shown in schools.

Featuring two young people at a party who end up becoming parents, it illustrates starkly the impact that alcohol-influenced actions can have.

Trudy added, “We want young people to be very clear about what alcohol can do to their judgement.

“The consequences of having unprotected sex could remain with them for the rest of their lives.”