Smokers can save a packet - if they quit!

IF YOUR New Year resolution is to quit smoking, free NHS support can improve your chances of becoming a healthier and wealthier ex-smoker.

“Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health in 2011 and there’s a range of free NHS support to help you,” said Peter Aston who manages the NHS stop smoking services across East Sussex.

“Nicotine is a powerful and addictive drug which means quitting smoking isn’t easy.

“But you’re around four times more likely to stop smoking successfully with our specialist help - and it’s well worth the effort.

“As well as reducing the risk of developing serious illness and improving your health generally, quitting also protects your family from second-hand smoke and saves you money.

“Remember that cigarettes can cost a 20-a-day smoker around £2,000 per year.”

In the NHS East Sussex Downs and Weald area in 2009/10 some 3,705 people set a quit date and the number of those who had successfully quit after four weeks was 1,805 - a quit rate of 49 per cent.

Across the county, NHS services have helped thousands of people to give up smoking.

Free stop smoking services in East Sussex include stop smoking clinics and groups offering support during the day and evening.

There are also on-line therapy session for both individuals and groups, one-to-one support to help smokers stick to their quit goal, stop smoking courses for local businesses and specialist advice in GP surgeries and pharmacies.

Further information on NHS help is available on 0800 917 8896 or visit