SEAFORD: Thousands back call for better health services

A PETITION backed by more than a thousand residents calling for better health services in Seaford will be delivered to the Primary Care Trust today, Wednesday, March 30.

Hundreds of people rallied round to show their support and sign the document which was set up by father-of-three Samuel Adejini.

The businessman wants to put pressure on the PCT, saying it must recognise the need for more outpatient services locally. He says local GPs have also been supporting the campaign and he is keen to gain as many signatures as possible.

Residents have been left furious after the East Sussex and Downs Weald PCT announced it could not support proposals to provide a much-needed health facility.

This followed the news that a potential site had been identified but hopes were dashed when the organisation said a new build or refurbishment of existing premises could not go ahead due to financial constraints. Mr Adejini, of Buckle Drive, said, “What has been very encouraging is that local GPs seem to be very keen on this as well, it’s not just the people of Seaford.

“GPs seem to be keen on getting something done and it makes me want to keep on fighting for this.”

Mr Adejini is due to hand over the petition at the PCT offices in Lewes this afternoon.

The 46-year-old, who owns the V Bar in Pelham Yard, will continue to ask people to support his campaign for a cottage hospital. He feels residents should not have to travel out of town to places such as Eastbourne and Brighton, for simple outpatient services, minor treatments and operations.

Dr Mark Barnes, executive partner of Seaford Medical Practice, is supporting the cause for more health services in the town and added, “We do have an elderly vulnerable population here and it’s very difficult and expensive for people to get over to Eastbourne and Brighton.”

He added that there had been talks about a hospital in town but it was felt that Seaford was not big enough to make such an option viable. However, he said that developments were underway for a dermatology clinic at the surgery and for a consultant run rheumatology service to be made available in the town.

He added, “I’m very much in support of getting more health services for our patients here in Seaford.

“We’re in a difficult position between Eastbourne and Brighton, just this morning I had a patient who I recommended had a chest x-ray but they declined as it was such an effort to get to hospital.”

Anyone who would like more information about the petition can contact Mr Adejini on 07767 405562.