Ozone warnings can help people with asthma

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ASTHMA sufferers and people with breathing problems living in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford can now receive early warnings about high ozone levels.

They are being urged to sign up for air alerts from the Sussex Air Quality Partnership.

Councillor Johanna Howell, cabinet member for community and the voluntary sector at Wealden District Council, “Although the district traditionally enjoys low levels of pollution, long periods of uninterrupted sunshine can react with air pollutants drifting high above the district to create ozone which then descends into the area and can make it difficult for people with breathing difficulties.

“We work with the other councils through the Sussex Air Quality Partnership to provide an air quality monitoring service in the county.

“There is a dedicated ozone monitoring station at Isfield and so far this year it has recorded 46 days of ozone pollution which have exceeded national air quality standards with 45 days of moderate levels and 1 day at high.”

By registering for the free Sussex airAlert, residents can receive alert text messages, emails or recorded phone messages before air pollution incidents occur.

AirAlerts are sent out the day before an incident is forecast and act a useful reminder to users to take their inhalers and other medication with them the following day.

The majority of alerts are for moderate levels of ozone pollution, which means vulnerable people may notice mild effects but are unlikely to need to take further action.

Being aware of the daily levels of air pollution has helped people who are subject to breathing problems understand how their health is affected.

You can register for air alerts either online at www.airalert.info or by telephoning 01273 484331.