Nursing cuts ‘will increase workload’

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THE NHS Trust which provides mental health services in Eastbourne will cut 75 nurses from its workforce, according to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

A report published by the RCN said the Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, which runs substance misuse and learning disability services in Eastbourne, has already identified 75 nursing posts for redundancies over the next four years.

Although a Trust spokesperson admitted that some posts were at risk, he said this will not necessarily lead to redundancies.

It is said the Trust, which runs the Lift House project in Eastbourne for substance misuse, needs to save £14.2 million in the next 12 months alone.

In the RCN’s Frontline First report it said more than 26,000 NHS jobs are at risk in the UK, as the NHS looks to make £20 billion savings over the next four years.

The report raised concerns about the effect these frontline cuts will have on patients.

It also warned remaining staff will have to bear the burden of cuts to the workforce.

In the RCN’s Frontline First report it says, “While the number of compulsory redundancies may be relatively small those other measures can result in a significant net loss to the workforce.

“This has implications for the workload of those staff that remain in post.”

East Sussex Healthcare Trust, which runs Eastbourne DGH, said it will be recruiting 30 nurses next month and it has 98 nursing vacancies to fill.