New system boost for A&E patients

A CRACK team of specially-trained nurses is helping to whisk patients through the DGH’s emergency department quicker than before.

Patients with minor injuries are seen to more quickly and this frees up doctors to tend to the more seriously injured, according to a senior nurse.

A team of 25 emergency nurse practitioners (ENP) are working across the DGH and Conquest to help ease the pressure on emergency departments.

Team leader Sue Curties said, “This is the modern way of working for emergency departments.

“In the past, patients with minor injuries have had to wait to see a doctor to be treated but now the ENP can deal with them.

“This has made the department more efficient as we can treat more people in less time and it’s better for the patient.

“It also takes the pressure off the doctors to enable them to concentrate on dealing with patients with serious injuries.

“All the ENPs were senior emergency nurses who decided to undertake the training and I am very proud of what they have achieved.”

She added, “The development of the ENP team is a great example of how we are focusing on the needs of the patients.

“At the hospital we are always looking at ways we can become more efficient and, as there is scope for the ENPs to deal with more patients in the future, and hopefully we will continue to see improvements in the way we are working in the months ahead.”