MP Stephen Lloyd’s debate call for care system

EASTBOURNE MP Stephen Lloyd has called for a debate in Parliament tackling the ‘failing’ care system in this country.

In the wake of a letter sent to the Prime Minister last week by leading charities such as Carers UK and Age UK, Mr Lloyd, an Ambassador for Carers UK and Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ageing and Older People, has written to the Speaker of the House of Commons to request a debate.

Politicians from all parties have been urged to work together to find a way to overhaul the social care system in England.

Cross-party talks about the care service provided to elderly and disabled people collapsed just before the General Election in 2010, but are set to start again this month, with the hope of achieving a consensus on the best way forward.

Mr Lloyd said, “It is good news that we are all living longer, particularly those with long-term conditions.

“However, this does mean that we face real challenges in how to support the increasing numbers who require care.

“Reforming Social Care is the one of the biggest public policy challenges the country faces, and it is important we get the facts out in the open, which is why I have written to Speaker Bercow, requesting an Adjournment Debate in Westminster.”

Chair of the Care and Support Alliance Simon Gillespie added, “The current system is broken; attempts to reform it collapsed before the last election after cross-party talks failed.

“Labour accused the Tories of dirty tricks after they launched a campaign suggesting Mr Burnham, then Health Secretary, wanted to introduce a death tax to pay for changes to the system.

“Once again, the way any new system is paid for is expected to be the most controversial and difficult element of the discussions.

“But questions still remain over how affordable this is.”