More than 100 people arrive for stakeholder workshop

A WORKSHOP was held by the NHS Trust that runs the DGH to discuss the future.

The stakeholder workshop to shape the Trust’s future clinical strategy was attended by more than 110 people including GPs, representatives of service users, Adult Social Care, the Primary Care Trust, neighbouring Trusts, carers and some members of the public along with clinicians and other staff from the Trust.

At the workshop the progress that has been made in the development of a clinical strategy - Shaping our Future - was discussed and the input from the participants will go towards shaping the models of care that the Trust will aim to deliver in the future.

The clinicians leading the work of each of the eight strategically important specialties - A&E, Acute Medicine, Stroke, Cardiology, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Trauma and Orthopaedics and Maternity - gave presentations on the proposals so far in developing models of care that will improve outcomes for patients. These areas have been chosen as they are critical services for the Trust with the vast majority of activity undertaken by the Trust falling into these areas.

Darren Grayson, chief executive, said, “The workshop was well attended and gave key stakeholders the opportunity to discuss and challenge our work so far. Our strategy will set the strategic direction for the next five to ten years so we can achieve our objective of providing high quality care to all our patients. The workshop was valuable because it gave us the opportunity to test our plans against the needs of the local population and to involve our patients and partners in our future by seeking their continued commitment to the further development of our clinical strategy.“

The Trust, in consultation with partners, patients and the public, says it will refine and develop proposals further considering how the proposed models of care can be delivered. This will include looking at services being more efficient, redesigning pathways, for example by moving services closer to people’s homes and in some cases reconfiguring a service.

This work is being undertaken with the involvement of the ESCC Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which will decide whether formal consultation is required on any of the Trust’s proposals.

More information on the development so far of the Trust’s clinical strategy, Shaping our Future, can be found at