Help at hand if you want to stop smoking

HUNDREDS of smokers in Eastbourne are now smoke-free thanks to the support on offer from NHS Stop Smoking services.

In the year ending March 2011, almost 10,000 people successfully quit smoking across Sussex with support from local NHS Stop Smoking services. In East Sussex 3,332 successfully stopped smoking.

Among initiatives to help people kick the habit is a new convenient Stop Smoking Shop called Walk into Wellbeing which opened in Langney Shopping Centre and provides information on local health services as well as stop smoking support with five clinics per week, making it even easier for people to get access to the help they need.

A website has also been piloting virtual group sessions for people in East Sussex, which allow people to get expert help and advice from home or at work.

Anna Kirk at NHS Sussex said, “Every single person who has stopped smoking in the last 12 months should be very proud of themselves.

“It is a great achievement and we are delighted they have managed to take this huge step to a healthier lifestyle with the help available.

“We know stopping smoking isn’t easy, but NHS support really does help. Advisors provide free expert advice, access to medication and support tailored to what you need. There are group sessions, one-to-one support or phone advice – options to support you as much as possible during your quit attempt.

“Our key goal is to keep people healthy and well, and the best thing a smoker can do for their health - and those around them - is to quit.

“Quitting smoking really is the one single thing people can do to dramatically increase their chances of living a longer life.

“Once your body is smokefree it will begin to heal within 20 minutes and within 48 hours your body is nicotine free.”

Jeanette Williams manages the NHS Stop Smoking Service in East Sussex and said, “There are still thousands of smokers in Sussex and many want to stop – if you are one of them come and find out how we can support you.”