Grieving man ‘left to walk home alone from hospital’

A GRIEVING man with severe learning difficulties was left to walk seven miles home in blood-stained pyjamas by hospital staff, according to his brother.

Robert Adams, who was struggling to cope with the death of his father, keeled over at his care home in Seaford and was taken to A&E at Eastbourne DGH to be treated.

Robert, who suffers from a similar condition to autism, was checked over, handed a replacement pair of hospital trousers to replace his soiled ones and sent on his way, according to his brother Neale Adams.

Confused and with no money 51-year-old Robert started walking the seven-mile journey home to Cornfield House in Cornfield Road. Neale, a Sussex Police Sergeant in Hastings, said hospital staff had not provided Robert with any food or water in the four hours he had been in hospital.

Neale has lodged a complaint about the way his brother was treated with the NHS Trust which runs the DGH.

He said, “The thing that annoys me is that he soiled his clothes and was given just a pair of hospital pyjama bottoms to walk home to Seaford in. Those were also soiled with blood.

“Robert did not have anyone to speak up for him or fight for him – it’s just appalling.

“It’s like leaving a little old man or a little child to walk home. I couldn’t believe it.”

A hospital spokesman said, “We are aware of the issues raised by the family of Robert Adams and we are investigating them through our complaints procedures.

“We are in contact with the family to discuss their issues.”

Robert’s nephew, Mark Adams, happened upon him, walking alone in Hampden Park and picked him up.

Neale, 49, and their mother were on the way to an undertaker’s in Hailsham to see their father when they heard.

Neale said his brother had been so upset by the ordeal and, already being ill, was unable to go to his 88-year-old father’s funeral.

“It happened at the worst possible time for our family. He has been affected so badly that he couldn’t attend the funeral.

“There’s no way to defend his rights or his dignity, it’s just wrong,” said Neale.