Funding given for £1.2m CT scanner

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A STATE-of-the-art CT scanner costing £1.2million will soon be up and running in Eastbourne after being funded as part of a bumper Government investment in the NHS.

The Coalition has announced a £330million war chest for health improvements and local MP Stephen Lloyd confirmed that funding would end up in Eastbourne.

The cash, says the government, represents a reinvestment of money saved from changes to the NHS’s IT system and is earmarked for front line services.

Mr Lloyd said, “This is good news for patients in Eastbourne and shows the Coalition Government’s drive to deliver better spending is benefiting patients at our local hospital.

“As a Lib Dem, my priority for the NHS is to ensure patients have access to the best quality equipment and services.

“This is essential in a modern NHS that puts patients first.

“Reinvesting the money saved on back office bureaucracy is the right thing to do for our patients. This investment will mean that old facilities are re-vamped, there is more world-class equipment in NHS hospitals and more patients get the scans and treatment that they need.”

However, he added that this welcome extra revenue would not deter him from continuing to campaign against mooted service cut backs at the DGH.

He said, “We have a real fight on our hands to ensure core services remain in Eastbourne, and we are doing all we can to win this fight.”