DGH praised in report over its treatment of young cancer patients

THE under-pressure DGH hospital had some cause for celebration this week after its treatment of young cancer sufferers was praised in a report.

The National Cancer Peer Review rated the work of the trust’s Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit highly following an inspection in November.

Its review gave the service a score of 89.5 per cent.

The review highlighted a number of areas as good practice and significant achievements, saying, “It was evident that team members demonstrated mutual respect for each other, enjoyed working together and were dedicated to providing family-centred care.

“This was supported by the fact that staff turnover was reported to have been very low over a number of years.”

The service at the DGH works closely with the Royal Marsden and St George’s Hospitals in London to provide cancer care to children and families who live in Eastbourne, Hastings and surrounding areas.

It includes inpatient and outpatient supportive care, follow-up and outpatient chemotherapy.

Dr Salah Mansy, consultant paediatrician at the trust, said, “I’m proud of the work of our paediatric oncology teams.

“They deliver an excellent service and often work beyond their contracted commitment to provide the best possible care to children with cancer.

“I’m pleased these services have been externally reviewed and have been shown to achieve the national guidelines and we will continue to listen to parents to ensure we keep providing a high quality service for local children with cancer.”