Despite rumours DGH bosses say: “Day Surgery will not close”

Despite rumours swirling that the day surgery unit at the DGH will be closing in a matter of weeks, the hospital is adamant that the ward is just ‘relocating’ within the Eastbourne site.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said he was ‘appalled’ after hearing from multiple sources within the hospital trust that day surgery would be closing its doors and moving over to the Conquest Hospital.

He said staff had been told that their jobs were moving to Hastings.

Mr Lloyd said, “In the absence of a clear statement from the trust, rumours have been swirling about our day surgery at the DGH for weeks.

“But it now seems that it is the case and this service will terminate at the end of this month.

“I am appalled that, if this is true, the trust has made such a decision.”

He said he had been informed by sources that the day surgery could close as soon as July 31.

However, the hospital trust’s press office has said there is ‘no truth’ to the rumours that day surgery will close.

Richard Sunley, the DGH’s chief operating officer, added, “We are planning to relocate day surgery into the theatre complex at Eastbourne enabling us to fully utilise the skills of the theatre staff and provide day surgery in one area of the hospital.

“This will mean we are able to make further improvements in both the quality and efficiency of the day surgery service at Eastbourne DGH.

“This is simply a relocation of the service within the hospital and will not adversely affect staff working within the service or the patient care provided.”

However, despite this assurance, Mr Lloyd said he has heard from a further number of staff members this week that in fact they have been approached by senior managers informing them that Day surgery was indeed to be closed over the coming weeks, and their jobs would most likely be moved to Hastings.

He said he is concerned the hospital will still ‘slide through’ the decision.

“Their statement to the Herald was unambiguous – they would not be moving Day Surgery from Eastbourne and would not adversely affect staff.

“But within two weeks they are apparently speaking to ward staff to discuss their options regarding moving to the Conquest,” Mr Lloyd claimed.

“The emotional turmoil that the staff who have contacted me are going through shows that they have already been adversely affected.”

The Herald contacted the Trust’s press office again this week and was again told there was ‘no truth’ to the rumours and that the day surgery unit would be remaining at the Eastbourne site.