Dental Practice joins battle to save water

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ENCOURAGING children to save water was the aim of an initiative from South East Water.

The water company has teamed up with Brassey Avenue Dental Practice in Eastbourne to encourage little ones to save water during Smile Month.

The dentists gave away teeth brushing timers to young patients to remind them to keep brushing for two minutes and turn off the tap while they’re doing it.

Gemma Avory, from South East Water, said, “Dentists are perfectly placed to give important messages to their patients.

“This one about turning off the tap when brushing your teeth is especially important just now, given the drought we find ourselves in.

“Smile Month is a fun way to remind kids that they should be brushing their teeth for two minutes every time and that they should be turning off the tap while they’re doing it.

“Taps use six litres of water every minute they’re running. That’s 12 litres of water every time you brush your teeth or 24 litres of water a day.”

Steve Williams at the Brassey Avenue Dental Practice said, “These timers are a great way to remind kids to brush for two minutes and we’re very happy to be helping to spread water efficiency messages.”

South East Water is working with the community to spread water efficiency messages after two dry winters have led to the worst drought in England since the 1920s. Heavy rain in April has helped to restock reservoirs and has boosted river levels, but has had little impact on groundwater.

Pictured top right: Dentist Nick Ferlias and dental nurse Michelle Humphrey.