Headteacher pays tribute to staff and students for positive OFSTED report

Miss Leung with pupils at Causeway
Miss Leung with pupils at Causeway

The headteacher of an Eastbourne secondary school has paid tribute to pupils and teachers at Causeway following the publication an encouraging report by OFSTED.

The inspector recognised that significant improvements to the running of the school have been made since the appointment of head teacher, Liza Leung, in January 2017.

Ms Leung said, “I couldn’t be more proud of the staff and students and I’m delighted their hard work and commitment has been recognised. Over the last year we have introduced a number of procedures to ensure that pupils are motivated to come to school and learn and as a result, both attendance and individual progress and attainment has improved.”

The report, which is published on OFSTED’s website with a link on the school’s website, identified effective action is being taken by Causeway to tackle the areas identified as needing improvement at the previous inspection.

The inspector noted several examples of the positive impact Ms Leung and the senior leadership team had made in the last year, including tracking pupils’ progress, improvements in the quality of teaching and strategies for improving attendance.

The report said, “You have put in a reliable system for tracking pupils’ progress. Both staff and pupils understand the system and how it relates to the new GCSE specifications. Pupils like the information that they now receive about how well they are doing. They say it motivates them to do their best.”

The inspector praised the pupils saying, “The quality of the sample of the work seen was impressive. Books are generally well presented, with work set out neatly.”

The report also highlighted the positive behaviour of pupils adding: “They are highly respectful of each individual person.”

Ms Leung said, “We welcomed the opportunity to show off the school to the OFSTED inspectors and their positive feedback is a great boost for morale.”