Headmistress praises ‘community effort’

Students at Gildredge House Free School
Students at Gildredge House Free School

The headmistress at Gildredge House Free School has praised the ‘community effort’ which helped to see the facility open its doors for the first time last week.

Lea Gilbert said the team had enjoyed an ‘absolutely fantastic’ first week at the facility, which is on the Old Dental Board site in Old Town, and also thanked builders for their hard work.

Year Seven students were welcomed at the school last week and reception students have been arriving in groups for their induction.

Mrs Gilbert said, “It’s been absolutely fantastic and it’s been one exciting thing after another.

“The feeling at the end of Friday was absolutely fantastic amongst the staff.

“We’ve had amazing feedback from the pupils and parents already with emails and photos being sent to the school, it’s been very positive indeed.”

As a Free School, Gildredge House is funded by central government rather than the local education authority.

Mrs Gilbert added, “We’re feeling extremely positive about the school, we’ve got some amazing first students, they are quite pioneering and energetic in spirit.

“The same is true for our teachers, they are a fantastic group of people to work with and our support staff here as well, it’s a really great team effort.

“We’re looking forward to drawing in the many talents and enthusiasms of the students, their parents as well – getting them involved in our Friends of Gildredge Group – exploring what other extra curricular activities opportunities there will be and engaging with the wider community.”

A Year Seven open evening is being held on Thursday September 19 for the 2014 intake. It takes place from 6.30pm-8pm with an address from Mrs Gilbert at 7pm and 7.30pm.