Hard graft pays off for DJ as record label signs him up

Eastbourne DJ Project B (Jack Nelson) has signed up with a booking agent.
Eastbourne DJ Project B (Jack Nelson) has signed up with a booking agent.

Eastbourne DJ Project B has already come on musical leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and now has something to show for it after signing up with a record label.

The 16-year-old, whose real name is Jack Nelson, has entertained at parties and under-18 evenings in nightclubs but hopes to perform more gigs and sets after joining Music Mania Bookings under the management of Dave Lesdon.

The former Ratton School pupil started mixing tunes around two and a half years ago on basic software and has since experimented and progressed to more complex programmes.

The Hampden Park teenager has performed for free in the past for the love of ‘the music, the crowds’ and to get his name known, but now, with a booking agent, he has the catalyst he needs to kick on and progress his music even further.

He added, “At the moment, I’d say I’m a long way behind where I’d like to be, as it’s rather annoying to be under 18 and not be able to perform at a club on a normal night, but I have made a lot of multi-national friends, some of whom I’m collaborating with. If I was to give a tip to a DJ starting out, it would be ‘don’t stop’. I started out on a cheap laptop with laptop speakers and free versions of FL Studio/Virtual DJ Free. No matter how famous they are, everyone started somewhere. Nicky Romero said once that ‘ten years ago, not that many people could afford laptops/computers, but as soon as you have a laptop, you’re one step closer’.