Harbour resident’s anger over state of muddy verge

The 'muddy verge' at the Harbour
The 'muddy verge' at the Harbour

A frustrated harbour resident says little has been done to stop vehicles parking on a ‘dangerous’ muddy verge.

Paul Risvold said he had been in contact with the Highways about the ‘poor condition’ of the area – which is by the roundabout towards the end of Pacific Drive where it meets Midway Quay – four weeks ago.

Mr Risvold says the area in question is flanked by double yellow lines but this does not deter people from parking there.

He said, “The problem will not go away unless vehicles are stopped from parking on the verge.

“Once a week a group of residents attend to cleaning the roundabout and picking up any litter.

“We are trying to make the area look attractive, but the verge does not help.

“Several residents have voiced their concerns about the state of the verge.

“With the soil now going on to the pavement as well as the road someone could easily slip and hurt themselves.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said, “We are aware of concerns about vehicles parking on double yellow lines in Pacific Drive and civil enforcement officers visit the area on a daily basis and take action where necessary.

“Our budget does not allow for us to install bollards and we are unable to asphalt the verge as this would cause issues with the drainage of surface water. Instead we would urge drivers to park responsibly.”