Harbour petition on new homes plan

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SOVEREIGN Harbour residents have handed a petition of 1,000 signatures to the council over plans to build more houses.

Residents are upset with Eastbourne Borough Council’s Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which earmarks pieces of land within the harbour which are suitable for development.

The document was formed as part of a consultation with locals and the period in which people could comment ended on Tuesday.

Many residents have objected to the plans online and last week locals living in the Pacific Drive area of the harbour handed a petition to Cllr David Tutt, leader of Eastbourne Borough Council.

The petition called on the council to rethink its plan from 20 to 26 homes on Site Eight, which is situated on the northern edge of North Harbour, off Pacific Drive.

John Scheepers, who lives in Pacific Drive and is one of the many who will be affected by building of Site Eight, presented the petition to Cllr Tutt and some of 1,000 people who signed it attended too.

David Hiscock, of Anchorage Way, lives opposite the site and he said many residents felt ‘betrayed’.

He said, “People are really upset by the plans for Site Eight because people on the adjoining estates purchased their properties on the understanding that this area would remain as a car park and facility for berth holders.

“Some people have got the car park marked on the deeds of their property but what Eastbourne Borough Council has come up with is 20 to 26 homes, which means the estate agents were telling porkies without knowing it.

“We feel betrayed and it has upset a lot of people which is why there is overwhelming support for no homes on this site.”

Other sites outlined by the council in the Draft Supplementary Planning Document have also received objections from residents but Site Eight was the focus of the petition.

Now the consultation is over, the council says it will consider and summarise the representations received.

In the SPD it says, “The responses made will be an important source of information which will be used to refine the SPD and will be taken into account when preparing the final version, which will be formally adopted at the same time as The Eastbourne Plan, scheduled for December 2012.”