Half way milestone for Kilty Greg

Greg Draven in december
Greg Draven in december

One man’s bid to wear a kilt for a year to raise money for charity has reached its six month milestone.

Greg Draven, a leading figure in Eastbourne’s Pentacle Drummers, celebrated his achievement on Saturday December 21.

The 37-year-old father of three, began his love affair with the kilt on the summer solstice in June in a bid to promote kilt wearing and raise cash for the Children with Cancer Fund at Polegate, which provides support for children with the illness.

Greg, who works for East Sussex County Council in the ICT department, has worn a kilt every day since June 21 and plans to continue even though the weather is getting colder and windier.

Kilt manufacturers Macgregor & Macduff heard about his challenge and donated one and he has also been loaned one.

“Kilts are so comfortable and especially if you’re a man of a portly stature, ” said Greg, who has his own Facebook page and also records a daily video blog called Kilty Pleasures.

“I am hoping people will see that I am wearing the kilt every day, especially as it’s getting colder, windier and donate a couple of quid.

“The whole aim is to have a laugh, promote kilt wearing and raise money for charity.”

And as for revealing what he wears underneath, Greg said, “A true kilt wearer never tells.”

Greg is no stranger to being in the limelight. He leads the Pentacle Drummers at performances and has also recently starred in the Marq English film, Ravenswood, a rural comedy.

He also stepped in to give Father Christmas a helping hand at Pistachio’s in Princes Park, which is where hundreds of pounds in toys were stolen by thieves from Santa’s Grotto just days before Christmas.

• For details of Kilty Pleasures follow @yearinakilt or www.facebook.com/YearInAKiltUk amd donations can also be made via the Facebook page.