HAILSHAM: Unopposed re-election for Wealden’s leader

Councillor Bob Standley, chair of Wealden District Council
Councillor Bob Standley, chair of Wealden District Council

COUNCILLOR Bob Standley, pictured, has been re-elected unopposed as Leader of Wealden District Council following the May 5 elections.

“I am proud to have been re-elected leader of the council,” he said. “As a council we face some challenging times ahead but we are ready to deliver the clear mandate given by the residents at the recent elections.”

Under the council’s revised constitution, Cllr Standley will hold the position of leader for the next four years. The number of councillors in the Cabinet, which takes the lead on policy decisions made by the council, has been reduced from seven to six.

The Conservatives won 47 out of the 55 seats on Wealden District Council in the elections.

The Cabinet consists of the following Conservative councillors:-

Cllr Bob Standley: leader; also responsible for finance and policy

Cllr Claire Dowling: corporate services and deputy leader

Cllr Pam Doodes: commissioning and assets

Cllr Roy Galley: planning and development

Cllr Graham Wells: affordable housing

Cllr Johanna Howell: community and voluntary sector

After completing her two-year term as chairman, Councillor Sylvia Martin has retired from the Council and has been replaced as chairman by Cllr Jonica Fox.

The new vice chairman is Cllr Brian Redman.

“Over her past two years as chairman, Cllr Sylvia Martin has been everywhere and done everything, and with everyone she has met, she has left a warm feeling in their hearts for Wealden,” said Cllr Fox.

The following other positions were approved by Full Council:

Chairman of the licensing committee: Cllr Susan Stedman.

Chairman of the community and environment scrutiny committee: Cllr Charles Peck.

Chairman of internal scrutiny committee: Cllr Huw Merriman.

Chairman of planning committee north: Cllr Ann Newton.

Chairrman of planning committee south: Cllr Barby Dashwood-Hall.

Chairman of the personnel committee: Cllr Claire Dowling. 

The Full Council meeting was held at Uckfield Civic Centre on May 25. Details of elected councillors and the local wards they serve can be found on the Wealden website, www.wealden.gov.uk