HAILSHAM: Swans make their home at Common Pond

Swans on Common Pond
Swans on Common Pond

DUCKS, geese and herons at Common Pond will now have to share their home with some new feathered friends after a pair of mute swans have set up home at the Hailsham beauty spot.

Phil Hobden, a part-time warden employed by Hailsham Town Council to monitor the Common Pond site, said the two new swans have taken to Hailsham’s Common Pond ‘like ducks to water.’

“They’re here for the open water and feed,” said Mr Hobden. “Come March, they could both be gone until next winter, although there is the possibility that they could remain there throughout the spring and summer to raise a family.”

However, Mr Hobden said members of the public should enjoy the resident swans from a distance as they may abandon the area if they are bothered by the public.

“Mute swans are often thought to be an ‘indicator species’, in that they make their home in a particular area, which clearly serves as a signal of how healthy the surrounding ecosystem is,” he said.