HAILSHAM: Supermarket plans on hold

PLANS to build a new supermarket are on hold after the district council voted to delay a decision on the controversial project.

On Thursday (June 2), Wealden District Council’s Planning Committee South agreed to defer the application to build a new 14,000sq ft store in the southern car park site of the Quintins Shopping Centre.

Planners will now carry out further consultation and discussion with developers. The decision to defer the application has been welcomed by members of Hailsham Town Council, who lobbied for a deferrment because they felt developers were trying to rush through the plan without properly consulting the council or residents.

Councillor Jo Bentley, chair of the Hailsham Town Council Planning and Development Committee, attended Thursday’s meeting and expressed her concern that developers were attempting to “steamroller” the application and development through.

Following the meeting, she said, “I am absolutely delighted at the outcome. Developers must recognise that it is we the people who will decide what happens in our town, not them.

“I am delighted that common sense prevailed. In my view the proposed development was nothing more than a monstrosity, a building that has no place in an historic medieval market town like Hailsham.

So, we live to fight another day and the residents of Hailsham know they have councillors who will defend and seek improvement to their town and, most importantly of all, ensure the voice of the people is heard.”